Poetry Subject Guide

Project: Poetry Subject Research Guide
Organization: Portland Community College Library

In the summer of 2011, I volunteered at PCC Library, updating their subject research guides and giving them a common structure. Part of that job was to create a poetry subject guide to replace the old one, which had not been updated in some time. Using the content management system Library a la Carte, I used standards decided upon by PCC librarians to structure the page, and collaborated with both librarians and college instructors to decide what to include. I targeted the page to students who were getting their first real introduction to the world of poetry, including resources that could guide them in several aspects of that subject: reading it as literature, writing it, or understanding the perspective of published authors of poetry. Where possible, I tried to link the information included on the guide to local poetry offerings in order to increase the relevance for students using the guide.

In doing this project I learned how to package information about a complex subject for both ease of use and comprehensive overview. I learned about standards for inclusion and presentation of information in this library’s online collection. I utilized standards of quality and ease of access to make the information available to a diverse but specific user base – community college students. Finally, I practiced collaboration with college instructors in order to tailor the content to what they were teaching.

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