Google Docs Tutorial

Project: Google Docs for Students – an online tutorial for Google Docs, targeting high school and beginning undergrad students.
Class: LI 815 – Information Technology for Library and Information Professionals

The purpose of this assignment was to create an online tutorial for a Web 2.0 tool that is targeted to a specific audience. I chose Google Docs because it’s a powerful tool for collaboration on school projects, and I focused on high school and freshman undergrad students because of educational trends towards collaborative, project-based learning.

To create the tutorial, I identified several basic skills students would need in order to get started with Google Docs. I then taught those skills via a series of screencasts and text instructions, so that students could follow along, stop the screencast or replay it when necessary to practice, and engage with the material using both visual and aural learning styles. I used Daniel Terdiman’s 2005 Wired article, “What Websites Do To Turn On Teens,” as a guide in packaging the material for this audience, as well as several other examples of websites mentioned in the article that are geared toward teens.

In doing this assignment, I learned how to identify several learning outcomes, how to chunk the material into pieces that can be more easily learned, and how to choose a technological tool that would disseminate the material effectively. I practiced teaching a skill using multiple intelligences, and I followed web usability guidelines in designing the site.

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